Group psychotherapy can be a particularly powerful and effective treatment option for treating a variety of mental health conditions. Group therapy can be for a specific condition or problem or more generally focused on helping to improve social skills or process difficult situations such as social anxiety or the loss of a loved one.

During sessions, one or more psychologists may lead a group of patients who meet throughout the week. Some patients may attend individual therapy as well while others may only participate in group groups.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a group such as if you want an open or closed group or the size of the group you feel comfortable with. An open group means new members can join at any time, while closed group members are determined before sessions begin. The size of the group can be important as small groups offer more time to focus on each individual but larger groups may offer greater diversity and more perspectives.

The Benefits of Group Therapy
Though joining group therapy may sound intimidating, group therapy can provide certain benefits that individual therapy cannot.

Group therapy can act as a support network and sounding board for support, advice, and help through changes. Regularly talking to others can help you to feel as though you aren’t alone and offer new ways to put your situation or condition into perspective in a safe space. Being in a group can also open you to diversity and see positive changes in areas you might have missed on your own. Group members can actively grow, develop, and learn as they engage in the group process.

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